Shooting Massacres after Port Arthur


April 1999 USA – Two teenagers kill 12 students and one teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, before committing suicide in the school library.


July 2001 Nepal – Nine members of the Nepalese Royal family died in a palace massacre by Crown Prince Dipendra who shot himself afterwards.

April 2002 Germany – A 19-year-old gunman opened fire at a school in Erfut, eastern Germany, killing 12 teachers, two students, a secretary and a policeman before killing himself.

April 2007 USA – A gunman went on a rampage through the campus of Virginia Tech university at Blackburg, Virginia mowing down 32 people and eventually, himself.

March 2009 Germany – 13 people dead after a 17-year-old gunman went on a shooting spree at a school near Stuttgart.

April 2009 USA – Gunman kills 13 people and injures four at an immigrant community centre in Binghamton, New York.

November 2009 USA – Army major opened fire at the Fort Hood army base in Texas, killing 13 people and wounding 31.

June 2010 UK – Twelve people killed and 11 injured after a shooting spree across towns in the rural country of Cumbria.

July 2011 Norway – Gunman blows up government building in Oslo and then opens fire on a youth political summer camp on the holiday island of Utoeya, killing 77 people.

July 2012 USA – Twelve people killed and 58 wounded at a shooting spree at a cinema screening of Batman film The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Denver.

December 2012 USA – Heavily armed shooter guns down 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

December 2015 USA – Married killers gun down 14 people in a conference centre in San Bernadino.